IPC Hebron Houston

IPC Hebron Houston is a Bible based Christian church serving Houston Metroplex. We are here to minister to anyone who is seeking God and is eager to worship Him in Truth and Spirit. We welcome you to our Church home. Please be our special guest and feel free to visit us during any worship service. We would like to meet and pray with you, if you have special need in your life.

Worship Services

We host four different worship services – three on Sunday and one on Saturday – in four different languages to cater to the need of our community in Houston Metroplex.

Malayalam Worship Service: Our Malayalam Worship Service is hosted on Sunday morning @9:00 AM in the main sanctuary by our Senior pastor Rev. Dr. Wilson Varkey.

English Worship Service: Our English Worship Service is hosted on Sunday morning @11:00 AM in the main sanctuary by our Associate pastor Rev. Alex Ramani.

Hindi Worship Service: Our Hindi Worship Service is hosted on Sunday evening @5:30 PM in the Children’s Church Main Worship Hall by Pastor Rev. Mathew Ninan.

Tamil Worship Service: Our Tamil Worship Service is hosted on Saturday evening @4:30 PM in the Children’s Church Main Worship Hall by pastor Rev. Berly Varghese

Worship Service Timings

Malayalam | Sunday @ 8:45 AM
English | Sunday @ 11:00 AM
Hindi | Saturday @ 5:00 PM
Tamil | Saturday @ 5:00 PM

What to expect

We welcome you as you are. As you come to visit our church for the first time, you are a guest till you enter our front door. Once you come in, we welcome you as a family member. Please feel free to talk to any of our friendly ushers for any information – direction, service times, ministries. We have prayer partners, if you have a special need and you are looking for some one to pray with you.

Get connected

We have numerous ministries to cater to various groups, age levels, personal & family spiritual needs. All these ministries are lead by our elders and leaders who volunteer their personal time. Please check our ministries site and get connected. If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to one of our friendly ushers, and we will be more than happy to talk to you and guide you in the right direction.

Get Involved

Common Questions

What do you believe?

We are Bible based christian church. To find more about our doctrinal beliefs, please visit our page – What do we believe.

Do you have a children’s program?

Yes. We have special programs for children at various age levels. Nursery for children age 3 and under. Sunday School for Pre-K through College Level. To find more about our children’s programs, please visit our ministries pages, especially Sunday School page.

Do you have a youth program?

Yes. We have various programs for our youth. Life Groups for middle school and high school boys and girls, EmpowHER for college level girls, SNL (Salt and Light) for high school and college level boys and girls, and PYPA (Pentecostal Young People’s Association) for the youth.

Do you have any programs for young married couples?

Yes. The Journey – A special small group dedicated for young married couples. They meet once a month for fellowship and Bible Study.

If you are currently not a member of IPC Hebron Houston, and would like to continue to fellowship and grow together with us, please complete the form to become a member.