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Sunday School

Mrs. Beena Ninan and Mrs. Ann Chacko are leading Sunday school this year and it began with the joyful news that few 6th grade students asked their teacher how they can be saved. The teacher told them about the ABCs (admitting, believing and confession) of salvation and the students accepted. Jesus as their personal Savior. We are also reminded that we are in constant warfare with works of the evil one. This is a call for all brothers and sisters in Christ to cover every dear child in our Sunday School in your valuable prayers. Theme of Sunday school this year is to "be strong in the Lord" (Ephesians 6:10). We are reminded to put on the full armor of God so that we can take our stand against the devil's schemes (Ephesians 6:11). In addition, we have to be able to stand our ground, and after we have done everything, to stand(Ephesians 6:13). We have to wear the belt of truth, breast plate of righteousness, feet with readiness, shield of faith, helmet of salvation, sword of the Spirit and keep on praying. This year, Sunday School has 18 classes beginning with Prekindergarten 3 year olds through Class 12, and Life Insights class for those who have graduated from Sunday School. Each class has a number of children ranging from 11 through 26 children in a class. We are looking forward to the completion of the new Sunday School building to have classes with a lesser number of students in each class. Each Sunday we begin with a Dive-in devotion session from 9:00AM to 9:30 AM. During this time, elementary students up to class5, meet in the Children's Church area and students in class 6 and above meet in Fellowship Hall. Each Dive-in session is led by an organized and capable team of volunteers. Students disperse to their classes at 9:30 AM. They are taught by dedicated and well-prepared teachers till 10:30 AM. Students up to class 2 have to be picked up from their classes. Please check with your student regarding the lesson they learnt, memory verse to be learnt for the next Sunday and the books/other resources they have been given. Elementary classes learn from the ‘Radiant Life’ curriculum. Middle/Highschool classes learn from the ‘Following God’ series of workbooks and IPC Sunday School Association textbooks. Some reasons to bring your child to Sunday School are, age targeted teaching, positive friendships, bible that is relevant for kids, praying teachers, systematic bible learning, and it shows kids that God's Word really matters. Requesting all brothers and sisters once again, to keep every dear child and teacher in your prayers.

Children's Church

All children are a gift from Almighty God and that He desires for them to know Him in a deeper way. Through Children's Church we provide a safe environment where children can advance in their spiritual development, and learn about God’s great love for them. Using a Bible-based curriculum, we aim to teach children about the importance of having a relationship with God, their Creator, and to love Him with all their heart, soul and strength.  We trust completely in God’s Holy Spirit to lead our team members so that the children effectively learn and understand the powerful truths of the living word of God and how to apply it in their daily lives.
Children are one of the greatest blessings from God. Their love, joy, and curiosity fill IPC Hebron hallways with life and excitement. Hebron Kids ministry at IPC Hebron operates with a vision for each child to know his/her identity in Christ and grow in their relationship with the Lord. It ministers to kids in grades Kindergarten to Fifth grade and is open for kids every Sunday during English Service. Betsy Abraham & Jincy Skaria, along with Pr. Christopher Peter is blessed to be entrusted with their care and spiritual enrichment of our children.

* Belong: Creating a space in church where our children feel a sense of belonging.
* Believe: Point our children to God and guide them in their journey to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.
* Become: Teach and model to become Christ like in their day to day life.

Our kids and parents enjoy the ministry and it has been an integral part of our church’s ministries. We have a dedicated group of volunteers that help with ministry on a rotating schedule. Ministry volunteers include our young and energetic high school and college kids, who serve alongside young adults, parents which makes this ministry very successful. Children's ministry has become one of the entry level ministries in the church where our younger generation can plug in and utilize their God given talents to serve the church.

Last year Highlights
* Strawberry Picking - We spent a day at Froberg’s farm filled with fun and excitement! Kids got to pick plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and time with their friends while parents enjoyed some much needed downtime.
* Mother’s day and Father's day Celebrations - Our kids celebrated their wonderful moms and dads with a touching video, enjoyed donuts, coffee and plenty of pictures with dads at a decorated Photo Booth
* Graduation Ceremony - As our fifth graders completed elementary school and graduated into middle school, we took a day to look back at all God had done in their lives and to acknowledge His blessings. We bid farewell to our Sixth graders with a special graduation party

Hebron kid’s ministry is a thriving ministry in our church and we invite all of you to be part by supporting, volunteering and praying for ministry. We have more in store for our children in the upcoming weeks and months. Thank you for your support and prayers.


All God’s Children Ministry is based on the scriptural truth that all are created in God’s image and as a follower of Christ, we are called to act differently and include people with all needs.

As each child is unique, we tailor the teachings accordingly.  We meet with the family and identify the child’s strengths and exploit their strengths to instill in them the Word and His relentless love. We teach them Bible stories and reinforce the lessons through art & crafts, puppetry, sports, music etc. And above all, our priority is to love them unconditionally.

A Buddy program is introduced where each Sunday a child from Children’s Church is assigned as a special buddy to engage in all the activities with our class kids.  With this system we hope to promote our children's social skills and the buddy will in turn learn to be responsible and compassionate, accepting all children and situations.


Nursery is a small ministry but has a big impact. We welcome babies from 18 months to 4 years old and have 2-3 volunteers per Sunday to watch over them. Our nursery is a safe and welcoming environment led by special volunteers who have a heart to serve the most precious gifts from the Lord. Our church attendees have the opportunity to focus on the word while trusting in our volunteers to watch over their babies during service. This opportunity not only builds growth and strength within our children, but also the parents as well. Nursery offers age-appropriate toys, books, games, and entertainment to keep the little ones happy and active throughout service. We currently have 10-12 consistent babies and 5-6consistent volunteers, and the number continues growing as more families visit or join IPC, more parents utilize the use of nursery, and smaller infants have grown to be able to attend. Our current status of connecting with the children while keeping them entertained and engaged in activities has always been rewarding, but we know we can’t stop there. The future and safety of our children is always the first priority for us, and we are actively looking for ways to improve the nursery and keep it nothing short of outstanding. Nursery will continue to research and use the support of our church to complete future goals of revamping, reutilizing, and redefining our room and activities to further grow our babies spiritual and cognitive growth. We are currently in need of more volunteers to successfully run the nursery in the most efficient and safest way possible. Any volunteers with a heart to serve our little ones, and have experience with watching over babies or have the passion to learn, are more than welcome to sign up or contact Rebecca George or Solly Thomas with any questions. Please continue to pray for this ministry.

Hebron Youth

SNL | LifeGroups | PYPA


Salt N Light (SNL)
SNL is a youth-based ministry focused on a broader outreach to the youth in creating community and encouraging their walk with Christ, through Word and Fellowship. This ministry covers youth from elementary to college age group youth.


Life Groups exists in obedience to the command of Jesus Christ to teach the good news, make disciples, and foster Godly community and growth through means of studying scripture in small group settings, interceding for one another through prayer, and maintaining fellowship inside and outside the church.

Small groups are available for anyone in Middle School, High School, College, and post-graduate.


We are called to spread the gospel all over the world and our calling in life may entail different aspects. PYPA is a ministry that allows God’s children to perform their talents, learn from them, and build upon them, leading us to be bold to express those gifts to the world.

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