Hebron Seniors

The purpose of our Hebron Seniors group is to encourage and engage our senior community offering them different channel to meet, greet and communicate.
Quarterly meetings – we organize quarterly meetings at the church with breakfast and lunch to create a welcoming environment where seniors can feel comfortable sharing their experiences and getting to know one another.
Physical and mental recreation – we arrange different types of physical and mental recreation activities such as land and cruise retreats. This will give seniors a chance to explore new places, learn new skills, and stay active.
Free seminars – we conduct free educative and informative seminars on different subjects such as health, management of finance, etc. Speakers who specialize in these fields speak at our meetings. This will not only provide valuable information to seniors but also give them a chance to ask questions and engage in discussions.
Foster communication and fellowship – we encourage seniors to communicate and have fellowship by creating a safe and welcoming environment where they can share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with one another.

Hebron Families

Hebron Church actively continues to provide an environment for the families to grow spiritually in their walk with Christ. We have various ministries in Hebron that addresses the needs to each family member.

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